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One step away from eternity…
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Transformed Trilogy

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Curiosity, mystery, twists

A different take on vampires, alien races and unexpected endings.

Action, blood, passion and war.

Welcome to the world of Contender Diana Bedrovska.

“Transformed” is my first debut novel, which commenced decades ago as a novella. Afterwords the story grew into fantasy fiction, and now I am writing a continuance…

Over the years, much has been said and written about supernatural species. About vampires. About aliens. About all kinds of races and creatures of darkness and light (I am referring to angels of course). Many of you, however, share that there has NEVER been provided a version in which the reader wouldn’t ask himself whether there isn’t a shred of truth in it. The reality imperceptibly transfuses into one different, brutal and bloody world.

A world from which you will have nightmares but will follow with anticipation. A world in which you will feel the suffering with my characters and hate them so strongly that you feel the desire to shred the pages of your book. Sympathy. Longing. Empathy. PASSION.

I attempted to create full-blooded complexions with their vices and aptitudes; with their dreams and arcane dark passions. I often worried and asked myself if the colorful cocktail of personalities that I created would excessively squeeze out the readers’ emotions. However every time those thoughts lurked in my mind, one of you (the readers) found a way to completely contradict my fears.

“Transformed” is a confession of friendship and the successful creation of enemies (do not overlook my sarcasm!), for love that is on the verge of hatred (genuinely believe it), and the sorrow in its innumerable forms.

I confess that I might have overreached with my passion for medicine and the “hued” action scenes, withal I felt a COLOSSAL pleasure seeing the surly demeanor of my editors.

Do not buy these books for your children. Better be adults, when they discover them for the first time.

I promise that you won’t be bored. Yet everything else is YOUR responsibility.

I wish you a pleasant experience in my world, in the world of the ever-changing Diana Bedrovska.

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Diana Vasileva is not your typical radiant girl from the coastal city Bourgas – she is distanced, frigid, and enviously disguises her dark side. She fears falling asleep because in the morning, her hands are covered in blood, and her consciousness is burdened by horrific incarnations and the Voices that try to control her. Do not mistake her for being psychologically ill. Insane power and lack of instinct for self-preservation lie within these genes.

Diana dreams of a scientific career and is an outstanding student majoring in physics. Even though she is an outsider in the eyes of the little friends she has, she continuously tries to find a balance between normal life and normal human relationships. However, after several challenging life lessons, she is forced to give up this unequal fight and admit to herself that she does not fit into the world of ordinary people.

She begins to realize this after her chance encounters with the vampire – Alexander. The world she has known starts to slip through her fingers like sand, while the violence and strange coincidences begin to push her into recklessness. She gains awareness that she possesses power bound to creatures that crave her blood and abilities. Left without family and friends, Diana will have to mature to learn the truth – the truth about her origin, the history of the Earth, and for real sensible life—that which is behind the theater curtain. She is kidnapped and forcibly taken to a training center for the so-called Transformed. However, instead of coming to terms with the pain of Alexander’s betrayal, the rebellious Diana decides to ally herself with another vampire and steals important documents and discoveries from the vampires.

All of a sudden appears a new covert and perplexing her senses superior vampire who is also her mentor in martial arts and she begins to assemble the puzzle that her life is.

Once upon a time, on Earth, a great extraterrestrial race entered into rivalry with another great race, and each of the parties has bred their warriors. Millennials later multiplied the participants in the war. The Earth turns out to be overpopulated, and no one seems to care about the fate of ordinary humans before their transformation into Transformed, crossbreeds, and Strategists. Genetic experiments, staged religious wars, assassinations with lethal weapons…

Diana fears the fate of being converted to a Transformed by a vampire and being forced to become a warrior who kills for the benefit of bloodsuckers against their fellow brothers the Secondary – modified Soreans also dependent on human blood.

But when the conversion is certain…she is stronger than ever and is no longer scared by the sight of blood. Immortal. Ruthless. She is predetermined to tip the scale in the right direction – to create a New order on Earth.

The hatred toward her biggest enemy and his ruthless race turn into a desperate battle of life and death until the moment of accepting the bitter truth – she has always been lied to and manipulated.

Diana can read her enemies’ minds like an open book, she can kill them only with the power of her though, and she can even control their emotions. She finally fulfills the role she was born to play – to be the perfect killer and creator of a new world of ruins and blood.

However, invisible enemies still exist.

And somewhere down the road, Diana will finally discover love.

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