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One step away from eternity…
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Transformed Book Two

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About the book

Publisher: Libra Scorp
Year of issue: 2018
Year of Reissue: 2020-2022
Number of pages: 440
Covers: soft
Language: Bulgarian
Format: 70/100/16
ISBN: 978 954 471 461 1
Sizes: 17 х 24




Someone had set me in the equation for a meaningless and bloody war.

I am not Diana Vasileva anymore. I still fear falling asleep so I don’t reincarnate into all of those merciless assassins. I still hate to hold weapons in my arms. But the truth is that I don’t have a choice anymore. They turned me into the thing I was terrified of – a killing machine. I accepted my faith with reservation – a Contender of the Transformed Bedrovska, the future queen of the most controversial race on Earth. I endured separations and betrayals I learned to live with the thought that I cannot have friends but only enemies.

I am now immortal. Ruthless. Stronger and more dangerous than ever. I am determined to take revenge on the Secondary, to stop Jesuses followers, and to defend the unprivileged who need a warrior in their corner.

I wonder however if there is anybody who can stop me when I advance beyond the limit of my conscience? Is the Janitor going to finally endow me with his loyalty and love? Am I going to survive long enough to savor the REVENGE and face the most secretive man in the Universe?

The puzzle unravels extremely slow and painful but I will uncover the truth whatever the cost. The stake is too high – the end of one fratricidal war. Or the beginning of a new one.

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