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One step away from eternity…
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Transformed Book Three

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About the book

Publisher: Libra Scorp
Year of issue: 2018
Year of Reissue: 2020-2022
Number of pages: 448
Covers: soft
Language: Bulgarian
Format: 70/100/16
ISBN: 978 954 471 459 8
Sizes: 17 х 24




My every thought is permeated by blood and the dream of revenge

Once I was an ordinary person dreaming of a scientific career. Later I was turned into the Contender of the Transformed Diana Bedrovska. And now I am again transformed into a CREATURE. A creature that I don’t understand but everybody is scared of – my former friends, old enemies, current subordinates, and even Observers.

In the past, the sight of blood worried me. Now I yearn for its smell – figuratively and literary speaking. Killing turned out to be a talent, bequeathed by my real parents.

Before, I was terrified of betrayal. Now I make daily arrangements with my conscience and amplify my list of victims without batting an eye. Vampires, Secondaries, Transformed, crossbreeds, atlantes – I don’t stop for anyone or anything. I am pursuing a goal that is to restore the natural order, to destroy the vilest supreme invaders from Soreya and their genetic creations – puppets, and to fulfill Jesuses dream – to preserve the human race clean.

Who said it’s embarrassing to seek your rights? Even when it is imperative to extort thoughts from unyielding creatures, to play dirty against millennial Generals, to manipulate consciouses, and to kill by telepathy? I won’t try to justify myself. Somebody created me, so I can destroy the status quo. I am somebodies cannon. I am searching for answers to my questions. And I won’t let be stopped. Even from the man that I imperceptibly started loving. In my world, there isn’t a place for even a single drop of love.

I will walk alone in the lonely life of the peacekeepers.

“One end that won’t leave you indifferent.

One collision between two races will finally conclude.

One love will blossom against ruins and blood.”

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