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One step away from eternity…
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Transformed Book one

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About the book

Publisher: Libra Scorp
Year of issue: 2018
Year of Reissue: 2020-2022
Number of pages: 448
Covers: soft
Language: Bulgarian
Format: 70/100/16
ISBN: 978 954 471 459 8
Sizes: 17 х 24




I am that touchstone that will tip the scales in the desired direction. But is it the right one?

In the beginning, I was just Diana Vasileva and I had just one single dream – to live my life as a normal person. But the blood on my hands in the morning was beckoning that I stop deceiving myself about being like everybody else. As much as I desperately used to seek the balance between ordinary everyday life and human relationships and my consciousness which was burdened by horrendous incarnations and controlling Voices, at last, I renounced the unequal battle and admitted to myself that I utterly don’t belong in the world of humans.

One chance encounter with a legitimate vampire made me open my eyes and look beyond the obvious. There’s no turning back now. The familiar world started slipping through my fingers like sand. At the same time, the violence and strange coincidences pushed me toward insanity and rejection of reality – because the world turned out to be overwhelmed with creatures that were eager not only for my blood but also for the latent abilities predestined by my hidden dissent right from my birth.

I was forced to choose between vampires and Secondary, “travel” way back in the past and search for my roots, since the dawn of humankind’s existence and grasp the fact that nothing is as it seems – science, religion, human values, and … death.

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