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One step away from eternity…
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I will feast on your blood

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About the book

Publisher: Libra Scorp
Year of issue: 2023
Number of pages: 560
Covers: soft
Language: Bulgarian
ISBN: 978-954-471-916-6
Sizes: 17 х 24



Can two people, burdened by violence and drawn together by the blood they gladly spill, find a way to love each other?

Is it possible in a world where cameras rule, and children are genetically modified, for love to be born and not be broken by betrayal?

Is there a chance in the Torture Chamber for anything to sprout besides pain, from the torn flesh, remorse?

Should we prevent attraction, even dirtier than the most horrifying idea?

2096 год, theNewYorkCity

Mia Gerou is a third-generation hyena, a special operative in the newly formed division of the government’s investigative bureau, working outside the law to eliminate criminals without due process. She has inherited dangerous abilities and an illness. Everything gets messed up with one game of Russian roulette, and before that with a failed mission of her team. She accidentally enters the life of a dangerous and influential scientist who wants much more than her loyalty – her body and her life.

Dr. Samuel Cavalierns (Georgiev) is inventive and brilliant in his work, specializing in the creation of synthetic opioids. Invulnerable to mercenaries. Покварен от миналото си и решен да постави всекиго под абсолютен контрол. No one survives if they betray him. No one dares to anger him. Heir to a massive criminal cartel.

Сблъсъкът им е предначертан. Their uniqueness and the doctor’s recent discovery bring them closer together. But the world also knows others who desire power and submission, hiding dark cravings. A third world conflict is looming. A more powerful player emerges, manipulating them to suit their own agenda. A heist takes place, turning the fragile bond between Mia and Samuel into a fierce life-and-death battle between them.

He desires her destruction, pushing her body and soul to the extreme, but will he manage to break her? Or you will simply understand how strongly he is subject to the immense longing that fills his whole body for her. How deeply is he consumed by the power of her will?

The truth will not set them free. She will bind them in even heavier chains.

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