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One step away from eternity…
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Premier presentation of the new novel, erotic thriller “I will feast on your blood,” in the city of Burgas

March 28th is not a random date!

On this day, the author Desi Diulgerian celebrates her birthday, and this year it was her wish to debut her new scandalous novel on it in the presence of not only her closest family and friends but also her faithful readers and fans.

The presentation of the new novel “I will feast on your blood” took place in the unique club “Modern Theater,” where the author, with a glass of wine in hand and an unconventional reading of an excerpt of the thriller, gifted the attendees with an unforgettable night of passion.

Spotted in the crowd were her publishers from “Libra Scorp”, the editor of the novel, Donka Kancheva, and quite a few other special guests. The host of the night was Hristina Chervenkova, who is on the cover of the book.

Desi Diulgerian revealed to us why and how she wrote the story of Mia and Samuel and immersed us in the deep matters of human psychology. For the finale, she successfully convinced us that even the most callous people are capable of learning to love!

A presentation of the novel for the readers in Sofia, as well as other cities, is already on the books for this fall.

Written by Gergana Taseva

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