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One step away from eternity…
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Book one

Welcome to the beautiful world of the Contender Diana!

The first book of the trilogy will immerse you in an alternative, cruel world, and the only chance of survival that you will have is if you closely follow Miss Vasileva. She is fearless. She doesn’t shed a tear. She doesn’t seek love. She avoids conflicts.

However, her destiny has something else in store for her. She was the heiress of a superhuman race. She will rise against an extra-terrestrial race that has interfered with the evolution of Homo sapiens. She will destroy their well-conceived plan for her and her kind.

She will discover the true role of religion. She will learn to fight. To kill even. She will steal. She will lie. She will burn with passion.

Somewhere in time, from her first encounter with a vampire to her transformation, will she find HERSELF?

Book two

This is a continuation of the STORY.

That of student Diana Vasileva. A brave girl who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time…

She already knows that she is not an ordinary girl and has come to terms with this fact.

However, will she put up injustice? With the blood spilled between beings with the same genes and a similar ideology?

How much strength does she need to stand up against the mightiest of invaders? Will she dare at all or submit?

Enemies can easily become friends. Friends are now an enemy.

Crazy, right?

Yet, Diana, who has already acquired a title, seems oblivious to the main danger before her, that she is about to lose her mind and heart. Will she give it to the right man?

Read the exciting sequel to “Transformed”!

Book three

“I was saved again. Did anyone doubt my limitless ability to always outwit death?

I have been staring at the ceiling for more than an hour. I could not fall asleep. Do I even need to sleep? No. My dreams usually end with swelling and bleeding. I did not know at the time that they were part of my “genetic wealth.”

The memories of the past two years since the world ceased to be what it supposedly seemed to have attacked me like a swarm of annoying flies from which there was only one salvation: elimination. Unfortunately, the past and the memories that went with it were an integral part of my being, and no one was able to free me from them. How easy is it to be a normal person? However, this definition is complicated.

They have taken everything from me.

Family, friends, religion, the right to choose, and finally my blood…

But now that I think about it from my new perspective, from the perspective of the incredible power I possess, maybe the thought of having a choice is just an idea that someone superior throws at you like a bone, and you bite it.

I can read their thoughts like an open book; I can kill them with just the power of my thought, and I can even control their emotions. There is very little I cannot do to them…yet.”

The shocking finale of the “Transformed” trilogy.

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Erotic thriller with elements of fiction

"I will feast on your blood"

A novel of extremes. An experience that can be as bitter as it is beautiful.

Mia Jarrow and Samuel Georgiev are the anti-heroes in a dystopian America. The scene takes place during the year 2096 in a city copied by New York City. She is an FBI agent with a special status and is determined to turn Samuel’s life into a living hell before turning him into the department. He is a scientist who has dedicated his life to it, as well as to drugs and the criminal world.

These encounters were predestined. They will fight with weapons and with their flesh. They will hurt each other to death. They will bleed.

Their passion doomed them to fail. They cannot be together, because they are enemies.

In this barbaric world is there at all place for LOVE? Even twisted and dark?

Read the story of Mia and Samuel and find out for yourself!

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“I will feast on your blood”


Be eternal!

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