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About me

десислава дюлгерян
Desislava Diulgerian

Dear friends and readers,

After so many thousands of written pages up to now, I am certainly having trouble introducing myself in the most splendid glow. One completely human endeavor, but not when a person doesn’t yarn talking about himself. Not that I don’t have what to tell you. On the contrary. For instance, I will start with the favorite question for every interviewer: “How did you come up with the idea for the novel?”

The short answer (because in the years, I have also presented a long version!) sounds something like this: After watching the movie “Interview With The Vampire” about a dozen times I was quite captivated by the idea of writing a somewhat diverse vampire story. How does it sound? Cliché, right?

Exactly. And that’s why for a long time I just kept watching the movie and writing my poems and essays, without giving in to my intrusive inner voice which was screaming that the time has come to lunge for the novel. My imagination was running wild with oh-so-many flamboyant stories and their development, and I could hardly fall asleep at night. I soon had to either take a sleeping pill or take out a notebook and embark on the journey. Imperceptibly an idea emerged beyond others. . I found myself “screening” different episodes with the main character all day long, and that was interfering with my work and thoughts, I couldn’t think about anything besides her – Diana Bedrovska.

My favorite thing, reading fantasy and fiction transformed into writing. You will most likely say it is a weakness of character. That I didn’t restrain myself. I refused to accept that writing was anything more than a hobby. Who would be that crazy to want to read the first part of a novel that exceeds 1000 pages by an obscure Bulgarian author?

However, I felt immense pleasure and I got my sleep back! Ultimately when I completed “Transformed” it turned out: that it isn’t a heartwarming love story; nor a brutal and tense thriller; nor true fantasy or classic fiction To me, the main character didn’t look like a sweet and beautiful woman waiting for the prince (some vampire indeed) to save her from the bad. She constantly wandered about who are her friends, who is an enemy, and why she can’t peacefully have a single coffee without somebody wanting to take advantage of her. It was an adventure but at last, the story in three volumes reached the print house (thanks to three angels without wings, they know who they are).

“When do I find time to write?” O, yes. I love receiving the question about time. And as a fan of Hawking, I have the urge to start answering in ways that many of you will not be able to understand me – about “time” as physics variables and abstract notions because that is how I think of “time”. But I am sure that the person asking this question is not asking about “time” in that concept, so my answer is always: that it’s necessary to “steal” it. I bribe my loved ones. I whine in the office so they can leave me alone and I take out the laptop. I deprive myself of enjoyment at the mall. Generally, it’s not an easy job.

And now let’s talk seriously about the subject. A brief recap of what Desislava Diulgerian loves. I love sports – tennis, horseback riding, and riding a bicycle and I do it every time when I’m not engaged with some of my other daily activities and duties.

I usually read a few books at a time and I even do it while standing in line at the bank.

Being in the mountains gives me maximum power (it charges me so much, that I don’t need any other batteries!) but I am also not indifferent to the sea. After all, I am from Bourgas, right?

I am married (they still put up with me), with two children, a dog and cat, and others active and passive around me 🙂

I won’t bother you with what I don’t like. It is not important.

Here is the place to share with you what I’m working on at the moment The projects are two and they are entirely different from one another in the genre – “Equilibrium” (shaping to be an even longer sequence) is yet again fantasy, and “I will feast with your blood” which is my temptation – erotic psychothriller.

And because I still can’t feel the closure that Diana fully completed her job, I “secretly” jot down a brief note here and there from which will emerge a continuance for “Transformed”.

It seems that I will be occupied in the near future, which exhilarates me but my poor family, friends, and publishers better find a way to handle it.

Because for me, writing really is a VOCATION!

I will be delighted if you read my work and write back to me. It would be my pleasure for you to share your impression and I promise to reply.

Be eternal!

Your Desi
About Desi
About Desi