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One step away from eternity…
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13 questions for… Desislava Diulgerian

The author Desi Diulgerian surprised her readers with her latest frank interview for “Eva” magazine.

We look forward to the print edition as well!

Here is one of the questions:

What is the one thing from the vampire world that you would like to have in your real world?

If I had the opportunity to take one thing from their world and have it in our reality, I would certainly wish for their often-attributed ability to read minds. Imagine a world where lying and speaking redundant, parasitic words are kept to a minimum. According to the latest psychology studies, a person tells no less than 10–12 lies on a daily basis. From keeping the truth through distortion of reality to perjury and defamation,.

You can read the whole > >interview in the print edition. > HERE

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