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One step away from eternity…
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About me

Desislava Diulgerian

Dear friends and readers,

After so many thousands of written pages up to now, I am certainly having trouble introducing myself in the most splendid glow. One completely human endeavor, but not when a person doesn’t yarn talking about himself. Not that I don’t have what to tell you. On the contrary.

Be eternal!

Travel with Transformed

A different take on vampires, alien races and unexpected endings. Action, blood, passion and war. Welcome to the world of Contender Diana Bedrovska.
The trilogy


A new novel

Can two people, burdened by violence and drawn together by the blood they gladly spill, find a way to love each other?

On focus

"I will feast on your blood"

Is there any chance in the Torture Chamber other than pain that remorse will spring from the bleeding flesh?

Must an attraction fouler and more vicious than that between an angel and a demon be prevented?


The others for me

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